Fertility Support Class

September 9th, 2017




Liza Roeckl and I will be combining our love of the divine feminine and holistic healing, to offer an informative and experiential class for supporting optimal levels of fertility. We will cover fertility foods, herbs, flower essences, a spiritual bathing ritual, and a discussion on the benefits of Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage, a specific body work designed to restore harmony within the body and reproductive system. This class is intended for women who are looking to conceive and are interested in preparing mind, body, and spirit to bring new life into the world. Sign up here. 

Image by Chelsea Granger

Image by Chelsea Granger

GATHER: A Women's Circle to Ground, Connect, and Explore the Divine Feminine 

The Divine Feminine invites us to remember those exalted states we have fallen out of balance with: creativity, intuition, and the spiritual. Women have always gathered in circles, to share, support, and transform. Gathering together in circle holds the space for our whole-selves and expanded consciousness. When women gather intentionally the potential for personal and collective transformation is amplified. 

Within GATHER, we will explore such topics as:

Creativity   •   intuition   •   psychic hygiene   •   meditation   •   movement   •   lunar cycles and seasons   •   plant medicine   •   spiritual community   •   consciousness  •  ritual  • ancestral wisdom  •  magic

GATHER will be a monthly assembly, the first four meetings will occur on Saturdays from 2-3:30: September 16th, October 21st, and November 18th, December date TBD. Please email me directly to sign-up. 

Hastings Yoga

$40 // per person

Andrea and I feel called to offer a regular, sacred gathering in response to a growing need for communal connection.  Our intention for Gather is to create a safe space for women, and people who identify as such, to connect, reflect, and heal.

Andrea Frade is a spiritual guide to core creative self-transformation. For her the healing process is a wholesome return to ourselves. Her work is a blend of movement therapy, energy healing and intuitive practice. She is largely influenced by archetypal psychology, the divine feminine, and eastern philosophy. Andrea holds an MFA in Contemporary Art from the Glasgow School of Art and has been teaching and writing about spiritual practice for over 11 years. You can read more about her work at www.andreafrade.com

Previous Offerings

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In order to meet the demands of our times and to thrive, it is sometimes necessary to access deeper support from the plant kingdom. Flower essences are a gentle and effective vibrational plant medicine specifically concerned with our evolution, and are available for the unique challenges facing the Collective and Planet right now. If this offering resonates, please join us! Read more and register here. 

The Art of Plant Spirit Medicine

A Three-Day Immersion in Rockingham, VT

Friday, July 22nd - Sunday, July 24th 


Join me and my Aunt, Virgina Voronin, for a weekend of healing and medicine making in the beautiful countryside of Vermont. 

This workshop is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced herbalists wishing to deepen their practice. 

We’ll be exploring the following:

  •  wildcrafting plant spirit medicine

  •  introduction to plant signatures and energetics

  •  working with intention and art 

  •  rituals for formulation and application

  •  acupuncture

  •  yoga

  •  forest bathing (optional)

Cost: $375, which includes sleeping accommodations in the guest house as well as all organic, locally-sourced meals. A discounted rate of $275 is available to those who would prefer to camp on the property.

Limited to 12 people.

Virginia Voronin, L.Ac, Herbalist, has over 25 years of alternative healing experience throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America. She is also a skilled artist, gardener, yoga instructor, and shamanic healer. Virginia is a master homesteader, creating and maintaining vegetable, flower, and medicinal gardens for over 35 years. She feels her early relationship with the plants is the unifying thread connecting the many facets of her interests and life pursuits. Presently, Virginia is developing a unique meditation garden featuring large “green sculptures” using medicinal, wild, and cultivated plants. She is the founder of Witness Oak Artist Retreats. Virginia’s healing practice blends all of her passions dynamically together. She sees clients at her home in Rockingham, VT. You can contact her via email at virginiavoronin@yahoo.com, her Facebook page, or by phone (802) 779.3652.

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Befriending Anxiety

a multi-faceted approach to supporting our nerves in modern times

Maha Rose, Brooklyn

Sunday, April 3rd




Join Deborah and Heidi for this informative and interactive workshop to gain a deeper understanding of how to alleviate anxiety. Deborah & Heidi are inspired to offer a class to contextualize anxiety within a framework of being human at this evolutionary point, amidst collective unrest. Bring your curiosity as we open up the conversation and explore ways of befriending anxiety. All participants will leave with both a flower essence and herbal tea blend. Please register in advance so that the teas and tinctures may be provided for all participants.



Introduction to Flower and Gem Essences

Remedies Herb Shop, Brooklyn

Sunday, April 17th 



Befriending Anxiety

an integrative approach to supporting our nerves in modern times

Yogamaya, New York

Saturday, February 6th 


Flower Essences for Fall & Winter

Remedies Herb Shop, Brooklyn

Sunday, October, 18th (2015)