A few testimonials


"It has been my privilege to mentor and guide Heidi for the last 8 years as she has developed into a mature and capable therapist, spiritual counselor, and herbalist. It is rare to see someone do the depth of inner work that Heidi has done and then step into the role of teacher and healer with such humility and authority at such a young age. Heidi is impeccable in all ways and I am enjoying our new relationship as colleagues. She is an inspiration." - Jane Bell, Healer, Teacher, and Mentor


"I offer my highest recommendation for Heidi. She brings together skills that are rare today: training in psychotherapy, flower essence therapy, spiritual healing traditions and a grand heart to blend it all together. With all that Heidi offers in her practice, wellness can take place in an expanded and deeper dimension.” - Claudia Keel, Herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist, Director of ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism


Testimonial #1

I sought out Heidi’s services because I had explored traditional psychotherapy before and felt like my therapist didn’t adequately address my issues and really “get” me. I wasn’t even totally clear what my problems actually were when I first began seeing Heidi weekly, but knew I was unhappy: with myself, with others, and in my career.

She helped me to have numerous breakthroughs, including: 1) I have difficulty relaxing and enjoying myself because I feel anxiety being alone with myself; 2) I came to terms with the fact I grew up in an abusive household, and many of my issues stem from a dysfunctional family system; 3) Only in forgiving my family and myself would I be able to truly trust other people; 4) I deserve to be happy because I am good and worthy, where previously I believed I was fundamentally “bad” and didn’t deserve to be successful, happy, loved, etc.

Heidi was able to gauge where I was in my process and help me along to see the beliefs that were creating my misery. Focusing gave me a way to tolerate the anxiety, sadness, and guardedness I hold within myself—and allowed me to be in witness to this process, instead of feeling enslaved by it. Before, seriously, I couldn’t even be by myself unless I was drunk, creating drama, or working myself to death. Now, I enjoy spending time alone and feel more solid in my relationships.

Every month she would give me a new “tincture” a blend of 3-7 individual flower essences to take, which corresponded to what I was working through at that time. I had some pretty wild experiences while taking them, things I can’t explain. They shifted my perception, to see things differently, to feel differently, it even made things change around me. I came to trust them, attending a few of Heidi’s classes to learn more. They provide more help, when you need to feel balanced, stabilized, calm, hopeful. Even after the session ended for the week I would have a physical remedy to remain with me, to continue the work until next week. It was incredibly comforting.

Testimonial #2

Heidi was referred to me by a friend who had a very good experience with her. We have been working together for close to 2 years, biweekly. At the time I met Heidi I was struggling with moderate anxiety, depression, addiction to substances, and had already been consulting a spiritual coach, nutritionist, and acupuncturist, so I was quite involved in alternative approaches. Heidi explained that while it seemed counterintuitive, we were actually going to begin inviting and spending time with “the parts” of me that were feeling anxious and depressed. Focusing is like a flashlight you shine inside yourself, gently, and validating the subconscious energies that need help.

If I was feeling especially bad one week, Heidi would make me a flower essence tincture and I would feel more at ease AND I would usually come to understand something new about myself, which we would integrate and process in our next session. I have improved so much in the last two years, and while I still have anxious and depressed days, I don’t have to rely on medication, or self-sabotaging behavior (which used to be an issue for me). She has connected me with so many great resources and more “tools” for my spiritual toolbox. In the last year we have also begun experimenting with some herbs and they have been helping my cravings and improving my sleep a lot.

The more you put in the more you get out, that’s how I feel about this process. I put in a lot of energy into this and I get a lot out of it, so I keep doing it. And I really love Heidi. She truly cares about me and believes in me. I honestly feel better just being around her and know everything is going to be ok. I’m hoping to switch careers soon, and work as a therapist. She has been a tremendous mentor to me in finding my way.

Testimonial #3

I met Heidi while a student in grad school. We have been working together on and off for the last 4 years. Heidi has changed my life. I can’t express how grateful I am for her guidance. I was diagnosed with severe depression and an eating disorder in college and was still restricting, self-harming, and experiencing persistent suicidal ideation when I met her—I was not in a great place! Despite this, Heidi was able to hold space for all of my extremes, calmly leading me back to balance, and back to a more conscious, grounded, and actualized self.

With her help, I’ve found those herbs that are my allies. I now know way more about how diet and nutrition affects me. She opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing. She’s got lots of exercises, ideas, and connections—ways to make everything accessible. She wants you to have big transformations and sets you up for success. Seems like whatever issues you’re struggling with, you move through them faster and with more clarity.

It took some coaxing, but gradually we were able to connect with my heart chakra, which was severely blocked off from my higher self, not to mention other people. The self-hate, unworthiness, isolation, and panic I constantly felt began to fade. The flower essences felt like they softened some of my rigidity—around food, my body, my self-concept, my personality. I walked through a door with her that I never would have found without her help. I’m thriving today and hope to serve others similarly, as a positive, conscious, and empowered role model.

Testimonial #4

After being in traditional therapy on and off for about 10 years, I was ready to go deeper with my healing practice. I was at a crossroads in my life, turning 30, and feeling like everything in my life was falling apart. I was grieving the loss of my partner, I was struggling with terrible digestive issues, and could barely get out of bed in the morning.

So many things began to change when I met Heidi! She explained that we would collaborate on what to address: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. For me, I needed help in all of these areas. After a thorough intake, we devised a plan of weekly meetings, regular spiritual “homework” assignments such as taking an herbal bath once a week, and a referral to a Naturopath to bloodwork (for my digestive problems). The first time I tried the flower essence tincture I knew things were going to start moving in a different direction.

In places where I would usually get stuck and revert to old ways, Heidi motivated me to keep going, and sure enough the more I relaxed and tuned into myself, the more that opened and changed. So much relief has come from learning how to relax and be present with myself. She believed in me and I felt that and trust her. Even if I was totally out of control she was right there with me and I could count on her completely. Things began to shift into place synchronistically. I used to feel overwhelming fear being at home, or even walking down the streets, and Heidi showed me some protective energetic strategies, validating years of confusion around my sensitivity.

Testimonial #5

Being an acupuncturist, I’m also used to working within a non-western, alternative model. Heidi’s breadth of knowledge of alternative healing is very impressive. Somehow she manages to blend all of this together in a rich and simple offering. She is extremely dependable, poised and professional.

I wanted to manifest a new career and home. She took me on a fascinating journey of understanding the ways I was subconsciously manifesting what I didn’t want. This meant exploring deep inner beliefs, and what I learned as a child. Heidi helped me see that much of where I felt stuck or unrealized, were unconscious choices connected to fear. And only by shining light on the unconsciousness and staying in my heart (instead of my head) could I make choices in higher alignment. Since meeting her I have more fully stepped into my role as a healer and manifested a beautiful home in the country with my partner. Heidi showed me how to do this. She’s magic.

She’s taught me a lot about herbal medicine, and how to use different plants for different things. I had tried flower essences before but never really felt much. The first tincture she gave to me, I took it during one of our sessions. She guided me into a meditative state, where I could really be present with the remedy. Sure enough, I began to feel its effects. We discussed different ways I could take the tincture intentionally, so I could really connect with it. This has become a big part of my practice, and I even integrate it into my acupuncture. I have developed sensitivities and awareness in many ways since meeting her. She guides you to be with yourself, and unlock potential and parts of yourself you never knew were there. 


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