My training is clinical, energetic, and intuitive. I have experience utilizing an eclectic variety of clinical approaches and specialize in Focusingflower essences, and herbal medicine

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung

 "I walked through a door that I never would have found without Heidi's help." - S.N., client

My intention is to assist clients in expanding their awareness, transforming shadow into light, and accessing their highest, empowered selves through regular therapy sessions that are augmented by flower essences and herbal medicine. We all possess the ability to heal ourselves and it is an honor to work with my clients in this process. I strive to create a space with the highest levels of safety and inclusivity.  

I offer both short and long-term therapy. Intake sessions are approximately 90 minutes ($200) and regular sessions are either one hour ($120) or 90 minutes ($150). I work with people locally, in the New York City area, and see many clients via Skype. All in-person sessions are held in either my Manhattan office in Union Square, my Brooklyn office in Prospect Heights at Juniper.

I blend my spiritualpsychotherapeutic, and herbal medicine training into a distinct holistic approach. Focusing is a form of somatic psychotherapy that aims to expand one’s awareness to access insight from less conscious parts. Flower essences, a type of plant medicine, are used to address psycho-spiritual issues, support therapeutic goals, and enhance overall health. Herbal medicine, or plant medicine, is a type of holistic healing utilizing plants. My method blends the scientific with the spiritual, allowing clients access to healing on physical, psychological, and astral, or soul levels.

Offering a safe and supportive space, I work with my clients to explore such terrain as: problematic psychological states (e.g., anxiety and depression), existential inquiry, unresolved family issues, the underlying energetics of fertility issues, spiritual emergency, relationship challenges, life transition, self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and barriers to manifesting one's aspirations.

I also have extensive experience with complex trauma stemming from emotional abuse, helping those who identify as adult children of narcissists (ACON) and adult children of borderlines (ACOB), and facilitating recovery from narcissistic abuse.  

A word about referrals. I am connected with a network of experienced and dedicated healing practitioners (acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritional coaches, etc.) that I may suggest working with to support the therapeutic process. Also, in order to be of the highest service, it is sometimes in the client's best interest to be referred to another therapist. It's important to feel aligned with one's therapist and I am happy to assist my clients in finding the right person.