Illumine Face Oil





There is a special synergy between the qualities of beauty, joy, and healing, and their connection to the light. I created this oil to empower a greater integration of these alchemies. Because I am working with the energetics of healing grade oils and essences some people have reported experiencing deeper psycho-spiritual responses to using the oil. Including the oil in a self-care ritual can greatly enhance one’s connection to both their inner radiance and outer glow.

In an effort to create the highest quality product possible, all of the ingredients are sourced from reputable producers. They are also all certified organic, raw, and unrefined; the Calendula oil, Plantain oil, and Lady's Mantle essence are wild crafted. Each small batch production of the oil involves a ceremony that honors the plant spirit kingdom and the higher frequencies of divine feminine wisdom.


Illumine Face Oil is appropriate for all skin types. It can be used either under moisturizer or alone.

Shake well and gently press 10-12 drops onto face and décolletage. It may be used morning and evening.

Ingredients and Properties (Physical and Psycho-spiritual)

Calendula oil - collagen production, brightening

Rosehip oil - dark spots, elasticity

Sweet Almond oil - nourishing, dark circles, anti-inflammatory

Argan oil - healing, sun protection, skin conditions

Evening Primrose oil - balancing, deeply nourishing, skin conditions

Jojoba oil - pore-refining, anti-bacterial/fungal/inflammatory, skin conditions

St. Johnswort oil – sun, wind, and cold protection

Sea Buckthorn oil - sun protection, powerfully healing and anti-inflammatory

Plantain oil – rapid healing, has a drawing action

Rose Maroc essential oil - antiseptic, for scars, stress and anxiety relief  

Jasmine essential oil - antiseptic, for scars, uplifting 

Self-heal flower essence- regenerative, dark spots

Luffa flower essence- collagen and elastin producing, scar tissue

Pretty Face flower essence - for connecting with your inner beauty

Lady's Mantle flower essence - empowerment, creates a tightening of the whole aura, promotes lifting

Marshmallow flower essence - softening

California Wild Rose flower essence – radiance, joy

Angelica flower essence - protection 

Each bottle is joyfully crafted in small batches in Upstate New York. For purchase inquiries, please email me directly at