What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a type of vibrational medicine. They are created from blossoms that have been picked at the height of their blooms and placed in a solution of solarized water and preserved in a small amount of alcohol. They are different from essential oils and are odorless. The entire signature--or essence--of the flower is captured within a flower essence formula. The flower essence tincture is then taken orally, or can be applied directly to the skin. They are safe, non-toxic, and have no side effects. Flower essences can safely be used alongside pharmaceuticals-- or better yet, in place of them.


Throughout history various cultures have been applying the healing power of plants and flowers to enhance health and spiritual development. 

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach began applying flower essences to a contemporary medical model of healing. Trained as a bacteriologist and homeopath, Bach recognized the relationship between certain personalities, disease, and the intelligent design of plants as curatives. Stationed in England during the Second World War, he saw firsthand how people with certain temperaments developed certain symptoms. This was the first time a Western-trained doctor applied the basic precept of the mind-body-spirit connection of flower essences (also found in many ancient and Eastern healing traditions) to modern Western medicine.

Vibrational Medicine & Flower Essences

To understand how flower essences work it is necessary to be open to other paradigms of healing. The idea of the mind-body-spirit connection is evident in the theory of vibrational or subtle energetic medicine, which supports that all bodies are infused with a "subtle" energy or life force. Homeopathy and acupuncture are other examples of therapies involving the subtle energy field. 

The ancients were masters of healing in these realms. They communicated directly with plants and were able to apply this wisdom to both the subtle and physical bodies of people. All parts of plants—flower, leaf, root, bark—are used for medicine, but flowers have been specifically recognized throughout history for their emotional and spiritual properties. 

Application of Flower Essences to Therapy

In addition to working within the model of the subtle energy field, I utilize the concept of the energy systems, also known as the chakras. The energy systems are a template of centers, that run along the central axis of the body. Each center corresponds to specific organs, physical functioning, and psycho-spiritual functioning. The modern parallel of this is the concept of the endocrine system.

During childhood, as the personality develops, ego conflicts arise as a result of adapting to one's caregivers and environment. The energy systems develop in tandem with this process. Any imprinting during this time is usually the origin of many imbalances in the system. Left unaddressed, psycho-spiritual conflicts in our unconscious and subconscious can become full-blown mental and physical conditions. In a certain light, imbalances are opportunities for higher integration and attunement. Flower essence therapy aims to expand the consciousness around how early and ongoing conditions are informing present issues to allow for healing and release.

Flower essences have the profound ability to resonate with the parts of us that are not fully conscious by way of a different language through: subconscious thoughts, metaphors, the elements, and energetic wisdom. Client responses to flower essences can vary. Each essence has a unique energy and a unique alchemy when combined with other essences. Similarly, every person will have their own distinct alchemical response to an essence or essences. The effects can be subtle and also powerfully transformative, heralding change in many facets of one's life. While we all possess the ability to heal ourselves, it is important to work with a flower essence practitioner who possesses the expertise necessary to accurately and effectively evaluate client needs and support the integration process. 

Wildcrafted Daffodil and White Violet essences solarizing in Vermont. 

Wildcrafted Daffodil and White Violet essences solarizing in Vermont. 

"Flower essences provide more help, when you need to feel balanced, stabilized, calm, hopeful. Even after the session ended for the week I would have a physical remedy to remain with me, to continue the work until next week. It was incredibly comforting." - B.T., client

The Chakra System

The Chakra System

"The flower essences felt like they softened some of my rigidity—around food, my body, my self-concept, my personality." - N.M., client