The Divine Feminine refers to the exalted, sacred aspects associated with femininity such as: receptivity, creativity, compassion, and community. For countless generations, humankind has existed primarily within an Egoic Masculine* paradigm, defined by archetypal aspects of the masculine such as: competition, materialism, hierarchy, and survival/fear consciousness. Restoring your connection to the Divine Feminine and re-centering both your consciousness and your daily life around feminine aspects can lead to great healing—for yourself and for the collective. 

It’s important to note that cultivation of Divine Feminine principles does not equal vilifying the patriarchy—this would merely be a reactionary swing of the pendulum. Instead, integrating the highest qualities of both masculine and feminine and restoring the long-lost balance between these polarities is what leads to powerful insight and transformation.

Our emotional and physical bodies resonate with our beliefs. As the feminine has been denigrated for millennia, it is necessary to delve deeply into the very foundations of our belief systems so we can consciously connect with our ancient, divine selves. Consciousness = choice. Choice in thought, feeling, and action. This intensive inquiry uncovers many un- and less-conscious beliefs that are ingrained in our culture and collective. Only by questioning what, why, and how we believe do we gain access into understanding where some of our dangerous or self-defeating programs lie.

Sadly, institutionalized misogyny is a reality of our world. If, for example, you were taught that women exist to serve men, this projection of unworthiness will show up somewhere in your physical symptomology, regardless of whether you are conscious of the connection or not. Because many of these beliefs are seamlessly embedded into our culture, we hold them less consciously in our physiology. Shining light on these places, and illuminating where the Divine Feminine has been wounded, is a tremendous opportunity to evolve and heal physically, spiritually, and emotionally.   


According to many ancient belief systems, including the Egyptian Mystery Schools, humankind existed in a supremely balanced and unified state before the rise of the patriarchy. In Egyptian parlance, everything was Ma’at—everything was in perfect alignment. it wasn’t trying to be, it just was.

As the patriarchy rose to power, a split in consciousness occurred: self and other, mind-body and spirit, human and nature. The feminine was set under the masculine. We learned to feel separate. We learned to feel inferior. We became cut off from the divine aspects of ourselves—the divine feminine as well as the divine masculine. This binary system is very problematic and underscores many of the issues we face both individually and collectively.

From birth, as each of our souls and selves develop under these split circumstances, core wounding occurs and our personalities and egos are created. This is a completely normal phenomenon. Our physical and subtle bodies are then organized around these imprints that can lead to problematic symptomology. Now, because we are products of our environment and our lineage, the masculine-feminine duality manifests within us. (On a more macro level, this split can be understood as the underlying cause of so many issues in the collective: environmental, political, social, etc.)

As previously mentioned, our beliefs underlie our emotional and physical health. The harmful and limiting beliefs you hold about yourself are generally rooted in the patriarchal system—or, said in another way, are rooted in a crisis of Divine Feminine consciousness. The common beliefs such as: “This part of me is bad”, “I’m unworthy,” “I'm not smart,” “I’m unlovable,” “I don't have enough,” “I don’t deserve to feel happy,” etc, manifest inside of us in myriad ways from unfulfilling relationships to digestive problems to insomnia.

The good news is that all of this programming can be unlearned! You get to choose what is true and real. You don’t have to be complicit in a system that no longer serves you. As your guide, I can share how I have learned to do this, and provide resources that will help you on your journey to reclaiming your Divine Feminine power.

* The terms "masculine" and "feminine" in this context are concerned with energetic properties—not a delineation of gender. These are aspects that exist in all life, regardless of sex. 



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