Hi, I'm Heidi. I'm a therapist, herbalist, and flower essence practitioner in the New York City area. 

In 2007 I began to question the beliefs I held around myself, healing, and reality. Seeking answers beyond the mainstream I found my spiritual teacher and mentor, Jane Bell. Through our Focusing and Divine Feminine studies, my commitment to healing and transformation bloomed, leading me to leave my previous career and New York City, and to retreat into three years of academic and personal study. After completing my master's in mental health counseling I returned to the city and began apprenticing with Claudia Keel, a master herbalist, nutritionist, and flower essence practitioner, and enrolled in the three-year clinical herbal medicine program at Arbor Vitae. With the aid of my teachers, guides, and the plant kingdom, Moon & Bloom Integrative and Flower Essence Therapy was born on the New Moon in July 2014.

We all have wounds and challenges. In my own struggles in my 20s I felt conflicted about the limited access available to deeper, soul-level healing. For me, traditional psychotherapy and medication were not the answer. I have found that developing the spiritual dimension of the Self and utilizing plant medicine can facilitate powerful healing and transformation. I have spent the last nine years cultivating a unique healing practice in order to offer the highest degree of service to my clients.

I love getting the opportunity to share what I have learned in order to encourage breakthroughs on all levels in my clients. When you engage the spiritual Self and the plant spirit kingdom, change can occur beyond what you previously knew was possible. Helping people expand their consciousness takes the healing journey exponential.

 In Egypt with Jane in 2010

In Egypt with Jane in 2010

"Even if I was totally out of control she was right there with me and I could count on her completely." - K.L., client

My training includes:

  • A master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Antioch University New England
  • Registered Herbalist accreditation by the American Herbalist Guild
  • Seven years of spiritual training studying Focusing, Egyptian mysticism, and the Divine Feminine, with healer Jane Bell
  • Three Year Clinical Herbal Program certificate from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism 
  • Focusing Training—levels 1-4
  • Two years of practicing an eclectic approach to counseling at Walden Behavioral Care and Smith College
  • Plant spirit medicine apprenticeship under Claudia Keel
  • Flower essence practitioner training from Delta Gardens and the Flower Essence Society

"So much relief has come from learning how to relax and be present with myself… Things began to shift into place for me synchronistically." - K.L, client

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